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There are four types of universities

- Classical and technical universities
- practical universities
- Academies of music, art & Cinema
- Private Universities
- Medicine
- dentistry
- Pharmacy
- Architecture
- civil engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Electricity and Engineering Informatics
- Computer Science
- Mechanical Engineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Materials Engineering
- environmental engineering
- Biotechnology
- Chemistry and Physics
- Natural Sciences
- Mathematical Sciences
- Business Management
- Trade and Economy and Banking Sciences
- Rights and Legal Profession
- Press and media
* Providing college admissions in recognizing one of the universities in the countries included the scope of our work.

Run-up to secure the acceptances required for the preparation of papers from the process according to the university degree, according to the requirements of that university of the country and its process, it is most important of these requirements.

- TOEFL or IELTS certificate of achieving the required degree required by the university, which will advance the student, can an insurance company Royal Crown exam centers for these certificates for all applicants acceptance of our company.
- Copy of the passport.
- Accept the supervision of the doctor or a professor from a university, according to the required - Degree of the duties of Royal Crown company.
- CV / model CONTINENTAL / updated on Presentation - ask the applicant.
- Research scheme for the Master's or doctoral provider chronological scheme
- Certificates of recommendation from doctors or Provissourah, introduction of university professors of the applicant.

* Providing scholarships at universities do not require tuition fees or projects within the governmental or educational or charitable organizations. Also require the preparation of all the items that have been mentioned at the top.
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