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Become a Royal Crown® Training Partner

Why join Royal Crown® Program of Registered Training Partners?
Are you looking for an extension to your existing training programs?
Do you want a turnkey solution that allows you to get started with little effort?
Do you want to be the first and only partner offering specific training in your location?

Becoming a Royal Crown® Training Partner is the answer.

Since our partner program started in 2015, we have expanded to offer training in different countries. The demand for skilled individuals who can effectively drive change with a focus on organizational achievement and sustainability has never been in higher demand with 93% of CEOs believe that sustainability is the key to business success and 76% of CEOs stating that sustainability will change their business in the next five years.
Royal Crown® one of the training providers who has the international project management training, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Management System, Oil and Gas, Engineering Courses and Design.
Our training portfolio blends the theoretical and practical training in a framework based on international standards.
The Royal Crown® training methodology and learning programs has been recognized internationally with ISO29990 and ISO10015.
Our Global Training Partner badge is a stamp of quality as we train all trainers on our methods directly to ensure a high standard of delivery.

So what’s in it for you?

When you become a Royal Crown® partner, you will gain access to our entire course portfolio, via our exclusive partner portal. You will get access to:

  • Professionally developed toolkit that contains course materials that include: PowerPoint slides, session plans, in-class exercises and templates.
  • A suite of professional marketing materials to use to promote and market Royal Crown® courses
  • Engaging and entertaining videos that provide context and know how.
  • eBooks on a range of topics including project management, organizational capacity for change, responsible management education, corporate social responsibility and more.

Partner agrees that its assent, given electronically, will have the same legal effect as if it had been personally signed by the Partner.

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