In all the training programmes, Royal Crown Academy® provides each successful participant with Royal Crown Academy® Participation Certificate or Royal Crown Academy® Success Certificate, depending on the training. Additionally, in internationally accredited training courses and programmes, the Academy, as the approved training provider of numerous organisations, delivers the internationally recognised certificates of the related organisations to the successful trainees, as well.

Within the scope of the training and course portfolio of Royal Crown Academy® , there are over three hundred internationally accredited training programmes. The Academy has been accredited by many reputable and leading organisation and has been authorised to deliver their internationally accredited training programmes. On behalf of the accrediting organisations, the company delivers the internationally recognised certificates to the participants who successfully complete the accredited training programmes.

Holding numerous accreditations and being an approved training provider authorised by accrediting organisations, Royal Crown Academy® not only applies and carries out the international training courses as required, but also organizes the measurement and evaluation steps on behalf of the accrediting organisation. The successful participants are provided with the accrediting organisation approved and internationally recognised certificates. Therefore, the participants contact only the training organisation, Royal Crown Academy®, during the measurement and evaluation steps, consisting of exams, project assignments etc., or for the certificates that they have become qualified to receive. The Academy handles and manages all the arrangements on behalf of the participants. Likewise, the Academy delivers the certificates to successful participants. The only thing that the participants need to do is focus on the training and successfully complete it. They do not need to waste time on paperwork, applications, etc.

Being Qualified for a Certificate

Royal Crown Academy® provides each participant of its courses with the Participation Certificate or Royal Crown Academy® Success Certificate, depending on the training programme. However, in some of the internationally accredited training programmes, certain performance criteria are established by the accrediting organisations for the participants to successfully fulfil to become qualified for the internationally recognised certificates. The criteria vary from organisation to organisation and they are measured through different techniques. These tools are in different formats, such as written examinations, multiple-choice tests, project and/or practice assignments, oral examinations, presentation cases, etc. Measurement and evaluation activities for the performance appraisal of the participants are carried out by the in-house person(s) assigned and authorised by the accrediting organisation.

After the measurement and evaluation stages, the successful participants who demonstrate a satisfactory performance become qualified to receive the internationally recognised certificate that is accredited by the related organisation. The participants who complete the measurement and evaluation steps in the mid-term and/or after the training course in accordance with the success criteria determined by the accrediting organisation become entitled to be certified.

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