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Dedicated to high-quality, lifelong learning and continuous development, ROYAL CROWN® offers a wide range of services for individuals and organizations to improve their quality of life and to achieve measurable and tangible gains in the development process. ROYAL CROWN®’s core business, the Training and Certification Services gathered under the brand-name ROYAL CROWN Academy®, are delivered to both corporate and individual clients. Thanks to its over one thousand training programs and courses, hundreds of internationally accredited training programs and internationally recognized certification services, ROYAL CROWN Academy® appeals not only to professionals from many fields but also to institutions and organizations of various sizes and structures operating in different sectors. Among the Corporate Services of ROYAL CROWN® there are ISO Consultancy and Auditing, Consultancy Services such as Corporate Training Consultancy, Corporate Training Needs Analysis, Quality and System Management Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, and the ROYAL CROWN Academy® Training and Certification, which offers corporate training programs, organization-specific training programs and the certification services for internationally accredited training programs. The company also provides Technical Services, such as Industrial Measurement and Control Services, Inspection and Auditing Services, Industrial Material Supply, General Contracting and Engineering Services for corporate clients.

The Individual Services of ROYAL CROWN® include ROYAL CROWN Academy® Training and Certification Services which include open-to-public training events such as training programs and courses on almost all topics, internationally recognised certification programs, accredited training courses and etc., and Higher Education Consultancy Services as the ROYAL CROWN® Study Abroad: Overseas Higher Education Consultancy, including large-scale scholarship projects. Its corporate client portfolio comprises organizations from almost all sectors with different structures. The wide portfolio consists of public and private sector organisations, nearly all businesses from all sectors, universities, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations, and so on.

The most prominent business sectors include oil and gas, construction, occupational health and safety, environment, general industry, manufacturing, chemistry, food, health, and service. ROYAL CROWN® considers its corporate clients to be its business partners and practically acts as their internal department. Holding all the field related ISO and quality certificates, ROYAL CROWN® provides high-quality services in compliance with the international standards. Conducting business globally, the company offers its services across a wide geographical area. ROYAL CROWN® is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and actively conducts business throughout Turkey, Iraq, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Countries, and Egypt . The team of consultants and trainers have an excellent command of English and the local language.

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