Royal Crown Academy®’s Training Approach

Royal Crown Academy® believes in lifelong learning and development. It helps and supports individual and corporate clients in the processes of lifelong learning and continuous development so that they can achieve improvement. Diversified training programmes and courses address different needs and fields of expertise. As a result, they offer guidance in attaining a better career, seizing greater job opportunities, having better performing employees and more productive and effective corporate activities, and enjoying many more business advantages.

The numerous accredited training programmes and internationally recognised certifications in its training portfolio bring better career and business opportunities. Royal Crown Academy® is the right place for professionals to specialise in a field, improve their specialisations, gain new areas of expertise and prove their expertise through internationally accredited certifications.

Organisations also appreciate well-trained and highly qualified employees. Conversely, the cost of untrained personnel, as well as its risk of financial damage for an organisation, is undeniable. Investments in training, trained individuals and trained employees are the smartest investments, especially for the medium and long term. As a matter of principle, Royal Crown Academy® ensures the measurable and concrete achievements in its high-quality training programmes at international standards. Delivered by expert trainers with real business life experience, its training programmes are committed to providing its corporate clients with real business advantages and a high return on their investment.

1000+ Training Programmes that Fully Satisfy the Needs

ROYAL CROWN Academy® delivers over one-thousand training programmes and courses in dozens of categories. Both the most demanded training programmes for corporate and career development, and also niche training courses that require a great deal of expertise are available within its training programmes and courses.

The wide scale of these training courses and programmes with numerous topics in various subject categories covers the following: Training programmes and courses in basic fields, such as personal development, social skills, communication, leadership and managerial skills, strategy and business management, Branch and expertise training courses in main areas such as human resources, training, sales, marketing, customer services, supply chain and procurement management, finance, accounting, auditing, administrative affairs, secretariat, advertisement, public relations, corporate communication etc.; and also department-specific training courses, Training courses for more specific areas, such as law, contract administration, data management, project management, and asset management, Industrial training courses in areas such as production planning, production, productivity, efficiency, process management, general maintenance, factory management, total quality man

agement, lean production,operational excellence, ISO training programmes for raising general awareness, informative courses about ISO Management Systems and certification processes, and certification programmes for becoming an IRCA approved internationally certified internal/lead auditor.

Royal Crown Academy® Training Methodology

Based on the fact that the trainees are the most important and fundamental element of the training and learning process, Royal Crown Academy® maintains a highly interactive method both in design and delivery stages of the training programmes, so that participants can get maximum benefit from each moment of the training and obtain the target competencies, apply them in real life and make sure that these competencies are as permanent as possible.

The trainers support the delivery of the theoretical knowledge not only through the training materials like slides, texts, videos, visuals, audios, questionnaires, and templates but also with real business world examples, life experiences and case studies.

The trainees are encouraged to fully engage in the learning and training process through several tools such as Q&A sections, role-playing and, depending on the type of training, mid-term evaluations, examinations and/or project assignments.

Closely following all the developments, innovations and advancing technology in its field of activity, Royal Crown Academy® integrates innovative technologies like virtual reality, simulators, and learning management systems into its training programmes.

Simulators and visual reality applications allow trainees to easily gain the knowledge and skills that are difficult, and even sometimes impossible, to transfer in practice. As a result, they are more easily retained and implemented.

The Academy also uses distance learning methods in certain training programmes and events. Thus, it helps to eliminate the obstacles and difficulties caused by challenges linked to location, time zone and language during the learning and development processes.

Enriched with different tools, these applied and interactive learning methods produce better results. Those who have participated in the training programmes of the Academy can easily put their newly gained knowledge and skills into practice, and easily implement behavioural changes that result in concrete achievements. Participants gain permanent skills and competencies that they will exhibit more efficiently and effectively in real life. Participants will gain an advantage in terms of putting theoretical knowledge into practice in the real business world, and they will gain an upper hand in a competitive environment. More advantages will be gained from the overall training. The return on investment in training will increase

Types of Training

Corporate Training, Open-to-Public Training Events, Organisation-Specific and In-House Training

All of the Royal Crown Academy®’s training programmes and courses can also be specifically provided to organisations in the form of an in-house corporate training event upon request. Moreover, the most highly demanded training courses are presented through open-to-public training events which are occasionally held in different cities around the world.

Individuals and groups may attend these open-to-public training events. Additionally, organisations can also send as many employees as they wish as long as the number does not exceed the quota.

In the organisation-specific and in-house training events, client organisations may request for a certain training course to be adapted specifically to their needs or may demand a brand-new training programme to be designed.

Through the open-to-public training events, Royal Crown Academy® creates better career and job opportunities for professionals from various occupational groups such as engineers, social scientists, white-collar workers, and technicians. Through its corporate training programmes the company reaches private companies from all sectors, public institutions, universities and non-governmental organisations whether it be an in-house training or a tailor-made boutique training that is developed according to specific needs and demands of the client organisation.

The Academy’s numerous training programmes for both individual and corporate target audiences have been diversified to address different professions, specialisations, sectors and business fields. Moreover, most of the training courses are diversified according to the participants’ level of knowledge, experience, and seniority in the same profession or department.


Face-to-face Training (Classroom Training), Distance Learning, Developed Courses

Royal Crown Academy®‘s entire set of training courses are delivered in real classrooms when possible. Because some of the training programmes in Royal Crown Academy®’s portfolio take a long time to cover and contain complex-structured content, the Company prefers face-to-face in-class training methodology, in which the trainer and participants are able to interact. The classes are located either in the facilities of ROYAL CROWN®, which has offices in 6 different locations and/or in the business partners’ facilities. In order to rapidly meet various needs, prominent congress or convention hotels may also be an option. When it comes to the corporate training programmes, the training courses can be delivered in the client organisation’s venue if requested by the client.

Within the Royal Crown Academy®’s plant, there are several training halls and classrooms of Royal Crown Academy® for different learning and training needs as well as different types of training programmes. Among these halls, there are special classes for specific training courses in which different training materials are utilised, such as different devices, machines, simulators, training dummies and computers etc.

Royal Crown Academy® utilizes distance training methods mostly in hybrid models to support the classroom training courses. When necessary, the hybrid training, i.e. classroom training supported with distance training, is also another option to meet current needs. Thus, more efficient and permanent results can be achieved.

The Internationally Accredited and Certified Training Programmes, The Royal Crown Academy®’s Own Portfolio of Training Programmes

Royal Crown Academy® provides two types of training programmes in terms of the content and the curriculum. The first consists of internationally accredited training programmes and courses in which a certain universal curriculum is followed. The second consists of its own training programmes, the content of which is developed by Royal Crown Academy®.

Royal Crown Academy® offers tens of accredited training programmes, such as NEBOSH courses, PMI courses, IRCA courses, IOSH courses, OSHAcademy courses, and LEEA courses. It is also a registered, authorised, and approved training provider for these organisations. It ensures that the internationally accredited training programmes are delivered by authorised persons and also carries out certification processes (on behalf of the accrediting institution) to provide successful participants with internationally valid certificates that are approved by the related institution.

Today, many projects and tenders lay down internationally accredited and certified personnel as a requirement. Thus, the internationally accredited certifications play a key role in today’s competition. However, upon request of the corporate clients, Royal Crown Academy® may also offer the same programme or course which is exactly same with the internationally accredited one, without certification of the accreditation body.

In addition to internationally accredited training programmes, Royal Crown Academy® has launched hundreds of training courses for different purposes, the content of which is prepared by its own expert team. These innovative and diversified training programmes and courses are designed and delivered by subject matter expert trainers who are experienced and competent in providing solutions for today’s business challenges. Meticulously analysing the training needs, Royal Crown Academy® meets the international ISO Standards while designing the training programmes, as well. Moreover, the content of the training programmes is designed according to local needs and cultural differences. Training developers are not only specialised in the topic they develop, but also in the relevant to ISO standards.

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