Discount Programs

Royal Crown® has developed a plan for discount offers to support large segments of society and to benefit from its services the largest number of people who want to obtain distinguished training services at suitable pricesand accessible to all.

Group Offer

Pleased to offer special discounts for the groups or companies who have more than 12 candidates.

2+1 Offer

For Individuals those want to benefit from Royal Crown® discount offers: Register 3 participants on the same course and dates and pay only for 2.

Company Offer

Royal Crown® offers a long term agreement with discount reaches 50% off for the companies , institutes and all ministries.

Agent Discount

Royal Crown welcomes people who want to market their services, as they will receive 20% of the value of the business that they are marketing to.

Registration Terms

Royal Crown® will review all online registration processes. the payment can be only refundable in the event of cancellation or seat unavailability and in that case we ensure the paid amount will be issued back to the client. we highly recommend you to request a quotation for the required services or course before registration Please click here. Upon the final approval on the submitted prices and descriptions, the client shall send a duly signed and stamped Purchase Order via official Email to the in charge department in Royal Crown®.

Cancellation Terms

The minimum notice period of cancellation request must be not less than 5 business days prior to the course or project start date, by sending a formal request via Email to the department in charge. A substitute participant can be nominated to attend the same course, or a 25% cancellation charge is applied which would be refundable within a period of 7 business days after recieving the request for cancellation. In the event that the replacement participant fails to attend the course or is absent for any reason, he will be subject to the same deduction conditions of 25%.

The Terms Of Invoices, Tax, Deductions, Payment, Cancellations, Refunds And Related Conditions


Prior to the course or service start date, Royal Crown shall formulate a draft of an agreement showing and organizing the scope of work, conditions, payment method, prices, invoices and everything related to the work which should be duly signed both parties.

Withholding Tax

Tax invoices issued by Royal Crown® are governed by the VAT laws of the UK, In case the training or services carried out out of UK the tax is subjected and calculated according to the laws of the country where the service has been carried out. .Once the taxed invoiced issued, there is no change, discount, amendment or negotiation can be applied. Upon registration the client has the right to request a proforma invoice ( Electronic or hard copy) to be followed by tax invoices which can be issued after the course completed. The client should nominate a contact person, As any invoices, certificates , reciept vouchers, forms, and / or any related document are not allowed to be received by unauthorized person.


The accounts are subjected to the review and audit and the client has the right to request an account statement, if the client does not formally respond to Royal Crown® within 5 working days from the date the statement was sent, Royal Crown® will proceed on the basis and consider that the client has received and agreed with what the account statement contains. The accounts statements showing all due invoices will be automatically generated in Royal Crown's System and sent via Email to the client on the monthly basis.

Payment method

Payment of invoices issued by Royal Crown® can be done by Cash in one of our branches, Credit card (Online Payment) , money transfer or bank remittance to the bank details stated on the invoice. The customer shall bear the difference in currency exchange and all bank charges resulting from the process of paying the Royal Crown® due invoices.

Royal Crown® reserves its right to disallow the registered candidate(s) from attending the course, or to withhold the course certificate.

For successful payment process, clients are kindly requested to mention the invoices reference number along with all details in the correct format in the bank transfer advice.

Cancellation and refund policy

Royal Crown® for Training Technology & Consultancy has the full right to cancel or postpone a training course, or change its name, location, or the instructor, up to five working days before the start date of the course.

Meanwhile, in the event the course has been cancelled by Royal Crown®, the participants registered on the cancelled course have the right to recover thier full financial dues paid to Royal Crown® towards the cancelled course. For the purpose of refunding ustomer is required to provide proof of payment, provided that the date of the receipt voucher does not beyond one year, other than that, the right to claim the value of the canceled course will be forfeited.

in the case of cancellation, will not be liable for any expenses paid towards the cancelled course such as travel, hotel bookings, agency fees or cancellation penalties.

Moreover, Royal Crown® distances itself from any responsibility if the course cancellation or postpone may cause losing jobs or job opportunity(s).

Customers serve the right to refund the paid registration fees if they were unable to attend a course must inform Royal Crown® of their desaire or inability to attend by filling Request for Cancellation Form and submit via Email or by hand to any of Royal Crown's branches at least 5 calendar days prior to the course start date. Any delay or postpone in submitting the Request for Cancellation Form to Royal Crown® will lead to a no-show fee equal to 25% of the course or service price.

If the registration is cancelled on time and according to the Royal Crown's cancellation policy , clients will be entitled to request a refund for the amount they paid to Royal Crown® towards the course minus bank charges paid by Royal Crown® if any. Or, the customer can keep the payment as credit in their account with Royal Crown® which can be used in the upcoming courses for a period not exceed one year. In such a case, the customer must inform Royal Crown® in writing about how to use the credit and which invoice to close.


Refunds will be done within 7 business days, using the same payment method the customer used for payment (cash, credit card or Bank transfer).


The customer does not have the right to claim certificates 90 days after the date of their arrival at the Royal Crown® and inform the client of the arrival or issuance of certificates.

General terms and conditions

Clients are responsible for any type of tax levied in their country.This agreement is governed by the federal laws of United Kingdom, and any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of London courts.

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