Royal Crown Academy® has what distinguishes it and makes it at the forefront of educational institutions that provide distance training services. as the Academy management realized the importance of the online and distance training and worked on developing it as it is considered a qualitative shift in the training and development industry, where the Royal Crown Academy® was one of the forerunners in this The field possesses the latest technology and tools designed according to the internationally approved training specifications and provided the necessary equipment and worked to provide an integrated environment that keeps pace with the development taking place in virtual training and distance education.

Online Public Learning

There are many online training providers around the world, but what makes Royal Crown Academy® the best choice? Royal Crown Academy® has a team of the world's best qualified highly trained global trainers who offer a variety of specialized training programs in many fields, including, but not limited to, engineering programs, project management, oil and gas, occupational health and safety, and quality management , Interpersonal skills, auditing, accounts, software, and more. The Academy designed virtual programs to suit the needs of individuals and companies from the courses offered remotely, allowing the participant to choose the appropriate trainer, language and time at reasonable prices accessible to all, and remote training became an urgent need after the Corona Correction (COVID19).


Royal Crown Academy® has designed an electronic education and training platform that includes a varied portfolio of the latest training programs covering a wide range of specializations that meet the needs of all, as the platform includes access to the personal account of each trainee and can view the content of the training program and download videos and scientific materials And to take the exams, which are available for unlimited period.

Virtual Reality Solution

Royal Crown Academy® always strives to keep pace with the technological development in the field of training and development, and to be proactive to give the trainee everything new as it provides the advantage of training through augmented reality systems and virtual reality AR / VR, where these simulators are characterized by embodying the virtual environment and allowing the trainees to practice practical training in a safe way Simple at the training center and avoiding the hassle of training in the workplace in a harsh environment, modern technology provides a broader understanding and awareness of training materials in a simplified and enjoyable way, and brings the trainee to a virtual world that makes training endless fun.

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