Thankful certificate cooperation agreement between Royal Crown Academy and the School of Etiquette Pebble awards representation to Royal Basra is proud of its trainers Course ISO 10015 in Turkey


Who is RCTT?
Royal Crown for Training Technology is one of the leading Training companies in the Middle East. Our employees work in collaboration with our customers, partners, and suppliers in most of cites of world. Its origins extends to several years The aim is always to develop, that make it combines tradition and long experience as well as the development and use of the latest Training methods.

The social dimension is not absent from our company’s philosophy and that’s why we have a sporting club and a scientific center open for our employees .
Royal Crown aims to be amongst the top Training companies in the Middle East within the next five years. Royal Crown is committed to excellence in all its business practices and Training Courses. The management team promotes this business strategy. Therefore, as far as possible, the company will work efficiently and effectively to ensure there is no harm to people, minimized effects on the environment and continued improvement in collective performance, individually, as a team and as Royal Crown The company strives to exceed customers’ expectations, whether they are external or internal customers.
- Royal Crown Company is committed to providing a high level of services and products in accordance with the level and quality standards.

- Royal Crown company is keen to satisfy their customers.

- Royal Crown Company believes firmly believe that the process of development of the company are related to human resources.

- History of Royal Crown witness that have experts in all training sections. As the company's main objective is to keep pace with the era of globalization.

- Royal Crown company encourages its employees to get the highest leadership positions, depending on the qualifications and ambition of good management policy.
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